Overseas shipping for large items.

Overseas shipping for large items.

Thank you very much for your inquiries and orders from overseas.

We have a lot of back orders, especially for aero parts, and it is taking a long time for delivery.
We also apologize for the inconvenience caused by the recent rise in shipping costs.

We are currently using FedEx International Freight service only for large shipments due to massive delay of container freight.
(For smaller shipments, we use EMS or FedEx.)

If you wish to use a method of transportation other than that specified by us, we ask that you make your own arrangements for pickup and transportation.

If you would like us to arrange container transportation or consolidation of containers, we may be able to do this for you.
However, in many cases, the transportation time may be significantly extended.
Also, since the transportation is not door to door but to the nearest port, the customer needs to arrange for local customs clearance, pickup or domestic transportation.

For large shipments that have already been ordered and are awaiting shipment, we plan to resume quotations and shipments as soon as the transportation situation improves.


Overseas Marketing Team
Top Secret Japan